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About Worship

We gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 10am.  Worship typically lasts an hour.


Worship is the foundational spiritual practice for our church.   Our weekly worships strive to deepen our awareness of the divine, re-center us in the love and hope of God, shape our identity as God’s people, and send us out ready to share the love and compassion of Christ.  

Here’s what some folks from our community say what worship means to them:

    “Being with God.”  --E


    “The most essential hour of my week.”   --A


    “I am pulled in so many different directions that I find little time to just meditate and talk with God.  Our Sunday service offers me some time to reconnect with God and to renew my soul with messages from the Bible.  I especially enjoy hearing how those ancient messages can be likened to happenings in the world today and the messages that Jesus told us about loving and helping one another.”  --T

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