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Music, an important part of our worship, helps shape our understanding of God, our faith, and who we are as God’s people.  We use the Chalice and Pilgrim Hymnals for our congregational singing.

    Choir:  The choir is a great addition and beautiful part of our worship services.  The group has a         range of musical training, and welcomes people of all ages who like to sing,  Currently the choir          gathers to rehearse on Thursday evenings at 6:30.


    Chime Choir: A recently formed multigenerational chime choir  will be enhancing our musical             ministry during    Advent!  See the picture to the right.  Jean is the Chime Choir Director.

    Organ:  Our organ was built by E.G. Hook and Hastings of Boston in 1904.  It was installed in our        church in 1930.

    Piano:   The baby grand piano in our sanctuary is a completely renovated Chickering Grand that         was purchased from Piano Arts Studio in Manchester.

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